Instead of paper and ink,
in this digital chapbook
letters are set upon
a screen’s whiteness,
the product of trees replaced
by a medium of
electrically sourced light.

Lines written as soundscape
to be listened to while
“sheltering in place”
are meant to be heard as score
for voice and instrument,
rather than as text of
a traditionally printed poem.

As seen in

The Provincetown


And Other Essays on Poetry

Oral Lake

Reflections of a
West Virgnia upbringing
sound environmental concerns
about a sky-darkened future

Nine Over Sixes

Counted rhythms of
private thought propose
a form of resistance against
invasions of the digital

The Longnook Overlook

In response to authorial expectations
of socially constructed selves,
anonymous virtuosity as feminist protest

Cultural Tourism

Declaration of artistic claim
to Europe and the Outer Cape’s
ongoing legacy of mid-century modernism


Shopping as self-formation,
premonitions and aftershocks
of the Twin Towers’ collapse

An Imaginary Hellas

First excursions set forth with
the Poundian periplum, engaging
with classical forms and the canon

Serena Rothstein: Discourse in Paint

Catalogue for 2007 show
of first-generation Abstract Expressionist
at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Cultural reportage and opinion,
announcements of events, and
the archived LongNookBooks newsletter